Who are we?

Gabriel International

It all started in 1895 when the grandfather of Mr. van Berge invested in the first residential property in the Netherlands. This grew and became a large portfolio of residential homes just before World War II. During the war they have lost everything and had to start again after the war. They started in the agricultural business producing ducks.

Gabriel International Inc.

08 f01761They needed further expansion of the company but there was not enough space in that area to do so, so they successfully sold this company and started in the automotive branch as suppliers of truck and bus tyres until the present time. For more than 40 years family van Berge is an Entrepreneur not just in The Netherlands but all over Europe. Through the years the equity of the business grew to €1.2 billion. Mr. G van Berge the current CEO, is in this family business since he was at a young age of 13, through his lifetime dedication, large experience and well developed knowledge in the family business, comes a great ambition to spread this ability through the Middle East In 2007 the first project were started in Iraq. The van Berge family visited Iraq several times to speak to the relevant authorities to explore which products and services were needed in that period. Due to the unstable situation in the region at that time the project were relocated to other countries.

Oil related projects

Together with international and local partners we cover the whole scope of oil production.

Gabriel International Inc.

What we do?

Oil related projects

We invest in oil related projects and together with the local government we form a Private Public Partnership that will be the main contractor for exploring, drilling, refining and producing crude oil and oil products.

Together with international and local partners we cover the whole scope of oil production. Current projects in progress in Iraq and Guatemala. Our contribution to the recovery of the region is, rebuilding the infrastructure, building schools, hospitals etc.

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Chocop #5 start-up Oct 27th 2016           Pulling rods #3 Chocop Nov 10 2017

Real Estate

We can offer you various apartment complexes and villas in Southern Europe. Especially in Spain we can take it one step further as it provides the possibility to deliver real estate including a complete financing under certain conditions. Of course we support you in your purchase.

In the period 2000-2007 we developed real estate projects in CZ, at this moment we develop real estate in Spain.

Are you interested? Please contact us to find out about the conditions and the current offers.

Gabriel International Inc.
Gabriel International Inc.

Agricultural Development, Gabriel Int.

Agricultural Development

We develop the full range of agricultural activities form dessert to a green lawn, distribution of fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

Presentation Agricultural Development Iraq


Due to years of experience in the automotive sector we dispose of a fine meshed distribution network. We would like to become you partner for Europe in warehousing and physical distribution. Next to that you can distribute other products through our network.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the possibilities.

Gabriel International Inc.
Gabriel International Inc.

Business Development

In order to create economical growth to the region, we can develop free zones for other business activities as telecom, automotive, food production.

Business Development, Gabriel Int.

Projects realized by Gabriel & Partners


Gabriel International meeting in Amsterdam

Gabriel International met with Mexican company CP Latina in Amsterdam in August 2016. CP Latina is the main geothermal drilling company in Latin America and also provides services to oil rigs (both on- and offshore) and  work as operators on oil fields. Website of CP Latina

Items on the agenda were co-operation in Central America and possible joint venture for future projects.

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Gabriel International

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